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RSB, the company that empowers businesses to transform e-waste in money

At RSB, e-waste management and recovery has become the major stake for natural resources preservation and sustainable development.

WEEE lifecycle management: a global benefit for your company

From collection on your European warehouses to material and components recovery, RSB designed a customized turnkey solution adapted to your needs, converting your E-waste into sustainable profit for your company. Transparence is guaranteed by full information shared with our partners, ISO certification, and destruction certificates.

A shared green responsibility

Nowadays electronic products are everywhere in our lives: everyone wants the newer, the smarter, the better, the faster, and the smaller version. As a result, the accelerated growth of the electronic industry teamed up with an increasing number of products becoming obsolete leads eventually to the generation of a larger quantity of Waste Electric and Electronic Equipment (WEEE). The principle of producer responsibility regarding this solid waste is specifically underlined in the European legislation coupled with converging rates for recycling objectives. Every EU member states are required to comply with the EU law and to collect a rate up to 45 tons of e-waste from every 100 tons of electronics generated on their market by 2016 and progressively up to 65% by 2019.

An adapted and adaptable turn-key solution specialist for your WEEE lifecycle management

During this turmoil context, companies have reduced their budgets, taken into account limited natural resources exhaustion and pollution became a critical subject for the sustainable development. RSB has differentiated itself by developing optimal technologies that enable us to treat accurately and safely each e-waste product, to maximize the recovery, the reuse of valuable electronic parts and components extracted from printed circuit boards, which enables RSB to offer a very competitive waste recycling monetization.

Saving is Smart!

Unlike many other IT recycling companies we are generally purchasing your WEEE. RSB capitalizes on its experience and significant investment in its innovative facilities to offer our clients some of the most competitive benefits in the industry and an ability to handle large volumes. We have a proven track record of saving clients’ money and time by purchasing and converting specialized WEEE in secondary raw material or to reuse valuable components.