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Routers and Set-top-boxes solution

With a more than 10 years expertise in the WEEE recycling sector, RSB developed reliable and effective methods to separate e-waste in order to use the best treatment solution in order to fit to each electronics product recovery. Our solution enables businesses to unlock the value in their redundant IT and electronic unwanted devices.

Make the difference

Nevertheless, our company acquired a particular knowledge to recover the maximum waste value on TV and Internet access devices (routers, decoders, set-top-boxes,…) and developed a comprehensive program that is producing economic measurable results and generating value for our company, our partners and our environment. Indeed, we are constantly improving our techniques and processes with continual investment to increase the efficiency of our industrial tools to convert recycling in a state of the art industry.

This kind of products (new, deficient and old TV and Internet access devices) is treated daily with a proven tailored-made solution. With this solution, you can generate a new revenue stream!

Easy to use solution

Please take note that RSB is only collecting WEEE from business companies as Internet Access Providers, Original Equipment Manufacturer, maintainers, collectors, recyclers and public organizations.