ISO 9001 & 14001 certifications

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You see waste when we see value

Recycling System Box performs a leadership helping companies to minimize waste and as a consequence, acting against the shortage of raw material, global CO2 emissions, energy and water usage necessarily associated with extracting and processing virgin raw materials.

To underline that today’s waste are also tomorrow’s golden mine, let’s see some figures:
One ton of recycled phone handsets represent 3.5 kg of silver, 340 g of gold, 140 g of palladium as well as 130 kg of copper. Source: 2009 United Nations Organization study, Recycling, from E-waste to resources

Still according to the United Nations University, "the total fossil fuels used to make one desktop computer weigh over 240 kilograms, some 10 times the weight of the computer itself… Also, substantial quantities of chemicals (22 kg), and water (1,500 kg) are also used"


We believe in our corporate philosophy and use it as a guide for how we behave and operate continuously. RSB adheres to high ethical and uncompromising legal standards and is focusing on a responsible engagement with its employees, its community, and its environment. RSB Corporate Citizenship is focused on mobilizing our resources across the company, create opportunities in our community, and fulfill our commitment to serving the public good through innovative technologies and partnerships. We only work with trustworthy partners, all respecting and all promoting human health protection in a shared vision of sustainable development responsibility. Dedicated to continuous improvement and compliance, we implement innovative sustainable systems for material collections and processing. This includes standing against untreated e-waste exportation: no exception.


We support and respect the human health and environment protection within the inclusive company’s sphere of influence and are continuously driven by improving every aspect of our operations. The ISO certifications (9001 and 14001) permits to demonstrate this commitment providing a safe workplace for employees and the best practices for clients, delivering the highest quality service. Our goal is simple: exceed the service levels set out by the industry and legislation to preserve the environment, contribute to a sustainable society and respect people. We treat others with the highest degree of dignity, equality and trust, also by encouraging social insertion and promoting solidarity such as partnering with specialized association in charge of disabled people. We aim to build superior relationships with all parties who contribute to our corporate mission and share our vision.


Teamwork is obviously a key element in this shared vision. Working and grow together, share knowledge, experience and global information ensure that every success is a shared victory. Reactivity, discussion, transparency, communication and listening to partners needs are the pillars of our business to adapt, anticipate and develop our activities by inspiring trust. It reflects RSB philosophy as a top priority to build solid and lasting relationships to maintain a 100% satisfaction by the ever-greater value creation and constant delivery to our stakeholders, enabling them to become more high-performance businesses. Their loyalty is our greatest reward to support a diverse, but unified team to meet our common goals.


As said before, a 'recycler' should not be your only requirement because you also need to know how your waste materials are being disposed and know what happens next. Our partners receive the detailed information about every aspect of our business: from the fleet picking up the WEEE to our channels of treatment and the recovery results. Receiving this whole information about our service and performance, empower our partners to make a choice with a global awareness and make them stronger. Honesty, straightforwardness and fairness are daily required to empower each other to act with integrity and to build trust among the stakeholders. In RSB, we think that more than a value it is a duty to inform transparently our partners to guaranty a real partnership and to protect our reputation. Being ethically unyielding and honest by saying what we mean, what we do, how we do it, and matching our behaviors to our words and taking responsibility for our actions is a RSB core principle.


We believe our greatest impact will come from creating best-in-class industrial tools that enable us to maximize the value recovered and to propose returning superior profits to our partners. Our commitment to look at challenges and opportunities from new angles, continuously improve our processes and develop people curiosity and skills allows us to be adapted, adaptable, learning curious, and to be open to new ideas. Improving quality of service and added value for our partners is a priority, reflected in our constant willingness to explore and develop adapted state-of-the-art technologies now and for the future.


RSB provides the simplest turn-key solution from a highly reactive collection on the partners’ warehouses through Europe until recovery in our secured facilities in Amancy, France. RSB is responsible for the WEEE during the whole process. We are driven by entrepreneurial spirit, resourcefulness, and personal commitment to deliver an easy, reliable and professional service, maximize material recovery rates in order to eventually offer a profitable solution to our partners. At RSB, helping our customers achieve their environmental goals and make ensure our partners receive maximum value is critical.